Hello beautiful,

You’ve found the right place and community here at Bridge to Bliss to explore all the good and bad of separation, divorce and parenting after divorce.

I’m here as your personal marriage and divorce coach.

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No matter what stage you’re in

  • contemplating divorce,
  • newly separated,
  • in the throws of divorce, or
  • after the decree is final

I want you to know that it may feel worse before it feels better, but IT WILL GET BETTER.  Especially if you have the support you need during this time of transition.

Here are my areas of expertise

Deciding to Stay or Go • Divorce Process • Custody & Parenting Plans • Co-Parenting Skills • Emotions Around Divorce • Moving On

What to expect when working with me:  Clarity. Peace. A plan for your life.

My mantra here is “Trust the next step”.

If you’d like me to show you how to trust the next step…

or if you have questions about the results you will get out of coaching,

In courage & truth,

Certified Divorce Coach

Child and Family Investigator, State of Colorado
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