Quit or Re-Commit: A Virtual Workshop
Are you scared to make the wrong decision?

Watch the video below to see if you should quit or re-commit.

Get crystal clear about the next steps in your marriage.

Hello!  It's Summer Star Howard here.  Today I'm coming out behind my office desk to address a question I get a lot...
...sometimes this issue bubbles to the surface on the heels of a significant life event, but sometimes it's 'been coming' for years.
The compelling question is "Should I stay or should I go?"  

Ok, so, it's a compelling question, but what I really want to address is the fear that follows it. The fear can be completely paralyzing. Because, of course, nobody wants to make the wrong decision.

After years of coaching women through this decision - as well as going through it myself -let me be really frank: 

No amount of on-line research, book reading or talking with your BFFs will get you out of the fear. You simply need to make a clear decision.  

Again, there is no substitute for a clear decision to bust through the fear that is paralyzing you right now.  

But, of course, nothing seems 'simple' when it comes to a decision of this magnitude.

You've invested love, time, energy into this relationship. You may have children/pets/ property/businesses together.

All the details of life can suffocate any attempt to figure out the answer to this powerful question.

To Quit or Re-commit?

No matter how you got here, no matter how long you've been pondering this question, please know there is a way for you to figure it out. There is a way to get to a clear decision.

I've created a workshop based 100% on my successful coaching technique to help women come into absolute clarity and make a confident decision to stay in or leave their marriage.

If being on the fence about your marriage has left you feeling:

  • trapped
  • confused
  • out of control 
  • depressed
  • angry
  • just plain NOT yourself
You are not alone.  For years, I've seen these symptoms walk into my office.  
And I, too, was once in your exact situation.  I was crumbling under the weight of a marriage gone sideways.  I felt unheard.  I felt invisible.  I felt like nothing I did was good enough.  And I kept clinging to hope that we could turn it around.  And I did the work.  We went to marriage counseling.  Although we had a child, I could no longer make excuses for the reality of what I was experiencing.  And I did not want my child to grow up with this crazy dynamic as a model for her to aspire to in her relationships.  
I had to get out and I was so so scared. But, once I made a clear decision, my life came into alignment like I had never experienced before.

You know what happened, next?  A blessed life.  A life with opportunities opening up without me chasing them, a life of love and compassion.  And the high conflict separation turned into an amicable divorce.  My dysfunctional marriage yielded happy co-parents.

Divorce MAY NOT be your answer.
But a CLEAR DECISION always is.
I'm ready. Sign me up!

"What's This Workshop All About?"

There is a way out of the crazy-making.

The path is here for you, but only if you give it space to appear.
And that's what this workshop is.  It's about holding the space for you to:
  • #1 Find the Calm
  • #2 Accept the Clarity
  • #3 Make a Plan To Move Forward
Hmmm...It's a surprisingly simple process, but it's nearly impossible to do alone.  Obviously, if it were easy to do, then you would have already have made a clear decision and moved through the fear.  
With me as your guide, this workshop will give you the space to travel through this process and get the results you are looking for - a clear path forward.
You will come away from this workshop with:
  • A clear decision about your marriage.
  • Best practices about what to do next.
  • Your personalized plan to move forward.
  • The confidence to take the next step.
Date: February 20, 2016
Time:  8am - 11am Pacific Time; 11am-2pm Eastern Time 
Location: On-Line (accessed through phone and/or internet)
Price: $97 
It's 100% on-line, 100% anonymous, and I gurantee the results (see FAQs below).
I suggest you attend live, but if you cannot attend live, this workshop is still for you.
I will send you the recording of the workshop and you can re-listen to the workshop at your convienience. 
Also, you will get an opportunity to submit questions to me before the workshop and up to a week after the workshop. I will answer your questions and give you the coaching you need during the workshop's Q&A time or later by email or video.
So, what are you waiting for?  
The time is now to decide to Quit or Re-commit.
I'm ready. Sign me up!

Client Testimonials & Results

"Absolutely I'd recommend you (and have) to women who are at the point that they truly think divorce is the best answer. "

- Eva, business-owner, Massachusetts

"I'd recommend you to anyone who is feeling stuck or powerless.

I now have a plan in place that feels right for my family.

- Kelly, entrepreneur, New Hampshire

"I feel much more confident and strong as I set out on this new journey in my life and I would highly recommend you...to someone that is still in pain or uncertainty. Thank you, Summer, for holding the space to birth my new life."

- Lakshmi, entrepreneur, Thailand

"I felt so much better afterwards!"  

- N. B., product manager, Colorado
"Thank you for the clarity." 
- S.M., VP Sales, Colorado

Until now, only my personal coaching clients had access to get this process and to these results (my coaching packages range from $800-$1,500).

I'm so excited to now offer the same powerful results, but without the massive investment. Although, this will be the only time I offer it at $97.  

If you are ready for the next step and you are ready for the support to figure it out, then you are ready to sign up today!

You can't go wrong with my incredible Guarantee!

I am so absolutely sure that you will gain insight, clarity and a plan from this workshop that I offer a money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the workshop, simply send me an email with all your completed worksheets within seven days of the live workshop and you'll receive a refund right away!

Ok, this sounds perfect. I'm in!

"Frequently Asked Questions"

What if I'm not able to make it to the LIVE workshop?
You will have lifetime access to the recording and the worksheets. The power and results of this workshop come in you making the space to go through the process and you can do that any time, at your convienince.
Is this private?  I don't want anyone to know that I'm thinking about this question.
Yes, this is a private event. You can call into the webinar. You do not have to announce yourself and even if you have a question during Q&A, I will address you only by your first name.

One of the primary reasons I hold this as a 'virtual' event is because of my own expereience, when I valued privacy as I weighed my options and came to a decision.
Why do I need to make a decision?  Can't I just carry on being unsure about what I want?
Of course, you can carry on. But can you live a vibrant happy life when you are constantly unsure about your future? When you choose to stay on the emotional roller-coaster of stay/leave/stay/leave, not only is it exhausting, but you start to see consequences of this in your life, like I spoke about in the video above.
Will I get individual coaching?
Yes! You will get an opportunity to submit questions to me before the workshop and up to a week after the workshop. I will answer your questions during the Q&A time or via email or video. If you want more personalized coaching, just email me Hello@BridgeToBliss.com, or click here to set up a call.
Will you hold this workshop again?
This is the only time is will be available for $97. So join in now!
What if I don't want a divorce?
Absolutely!the DIro Divorce does not have to be the answer. And you need to be clear about what you want and need in your marriagei .