5 Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day (If You Have a Broken Heart)

Survive Valentine's Day During Heartbreak
Survive Valentine’s Day During Heartbreak

Valentine’s Day + a Broken Heart = Stupid Cupid.

If you’re in love, Valentine’s Day has the potential to easily be a beautiful day. But if you are going through a divorce, or in the midst of a marriage-turned-bad, it’s awkward and, yes, even  miserable.

And yet, you can choose to make it an opportunity.  As you sail through your first Valentine’s Day without your significant other, you will make an important first step of moving on. So, how do you make it through Valentine’s Day with a broken heart? Consider these tips.

1) Treat Yourself

Who said you need a significant other to have a good time? This time, make Feb. 14 all about you: take that spa day, attend a sporting event, or simply get yourself something you’ve wanted for a while. In doing so, you will discover that your newfound independence can actually be a positive.

2) Try Something New

On this day, it’s particularly important that you do not, even accidentally, revisit dates, events, or places of your mutual past. Doing so can bring up memories you’d rather forget. Instead, try something new, something not associated with any of your memories.

Try a new restaurant. Or why not do that ONE thing that you’ve wanted to do for years, but never never had the buy-in from your ex (clubbing or skydiving anyone?). If you can make only one new, positive memory on your first Valentine’s Day after break-up, you will be well on your way to mending your broken heart.

3) Invite Your Friends

Being alone, particularly on Valentine’s Day, is dangerous. And the danger lies within your beautiful noggin. Before you know it, you will begin to think about your significant other, and once the memories start flooding in.  Trust me when I say, the deluge of memories won’t be easy to stop. Unless, of course, you have a buffer.

And simply put, there is no better buffer than your friends or family. Invite them for a get-together, be it watching a movie together or simply hanging out. When you do though, make sure to set ground rules: you will want certain topics to be off-limit, and letting your company know that ahead of time will help everyone throughout the day.

4) Spruce Up Your Space

Another option for Valentine’s Day is to literally make a fresh start. Why not use love day to try a bold new paint color in your kitchen, or finally rearrange the stale energy in your living room?  Need inspiration?  Try The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing or follow Julie Babin, the goddess of simply creating a home you love.  I LOVE this TIP so much I made a video about how powerful this can be in your life.

A fresh start comes with more benefits than just distracting yourself: living in your home after de-clutering and decorating will be a consistent reminder of the time you chose to turn everything around.

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5) Plan a Trip

Of course, you can also take your fresh start to a new level by planning or taking a trip by yourself or with friends. How about a weekend in New York, or that Bahamas Cruise you’ve always wanted to go on?

If you haven’t booked your trip in advance, consider excursions on sites like, Kayak.com, where at the time of publication, I found a Denver to Jamaica weekend package over Valentine’s Day for less than $900.  Or there is CheapCaribbean.com, offering crazy last minute ‘grab-and-go’ deals (Cancun for the weekend all-inclusive for a little over $600)!

Now if you haven’t planned to sweep yourself away on a vacay….even the pleasure of sitting down on Feb. 14 and planning your future trip can be a satisfying exercise. As soon as you hit the ‘book’ button and start researching the activity possibilities, you will be filled with excitement about the future rather than stuck thinking about the past. The worst thing you can do this Valentine’s Day is sit at home and be reminded of your previous life.

No matter what you choose to do on Valentine’s Day, enjoy yourself, and get excited for the future.

If you need more help to cope with a broken heart this Valentine’s Day, contact me for a free call.

I’d love to chat about how you, too, can get over heartbreak.

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